Friday, March 31, 2023

How do I teach my child to speak at the age of one year?

Teaching a child to speak at the age of one year:

The first year of a child's life takes place in which significant developments occur in terms of growth and brain development, as well as in the child's ability to understand speech and pronunciation:

1- From birth to three months:

Your baby listens to your voice and interacts with it by cooing and gurgling. These sounds can be made gentle. You can do this by:
Sing to your child and he will listen to you and improve his listening focus.
Talk to your child directly, he will not be very comfortable when you talk to others, but he will love your direct talk to him and your smile and look in his eyes.
Try to allocate the longest time of calm in your child's surroundings, without the noise of TV, radio or electrical appliances.

2- From three months to six months:

In this period, the child learns to listen to more than one person, he will start making more clear sounds, and it will be good to support his language development:
Hold your baby and talk to him closely while looking into his eyes.
When the baby starts trying to talk, try to imitate him to encourage him to make sounds.
If he tries to imitate you in any sound or word, repeat the word again, until he gets used to pronouncing it.

3- From six to nine months:

The child will begin to manipulate sounds, as it is possible to pronounce some words that parents understand, such as Papa or Mama, feeling disturbed at sad sounds, and joy at happy sounds. At this stage, you can try some ways to improve his performance:
Give him a toy, talk about it, and repeat its name.
Let your child see himself in the mirror and ask him (who is this?), and if he does not answer, say his name so that he can recognize himself in the mirror.
Ask your child questions such as (which doll), (where is your brother).

4- From nine months to a year:

The child will begin to understand the words clearly, he will point and make sounds to tell you what he wants, and he will search for you if he is asked about you. During this period, it is advisable to take your child to the garden or a place to play and help him catch things and name them, and point to trees and birds and call them, for example.

During this period, the child responds to some requests, such as saying goodbye and waving his hand, and he may utter the word bye, and he may bring the toy that you ask of him with the special name he gives to it.