Thursday, March 30, 2023

How do you raise your child to be rich, leading and successful?

How do the successful rich raise their children?

The rich and famous businessmen around the world have a distinguished personality that qualified them to obtain this enormous wealth, which is based on a set of rules and life lessons, and you must raise your child on them to create a leadership personality qualified to sweep the labor market and excel in the business in which he aspires to work:

Tact and rules of etiquette:

The rich focus on teaching their children tact so that they have greater chances of admission to prestigious universities that focus on this aspect of the individual’s personality, in addition to increasing his chances of being accepted into high-end jobs, and most importantly, to have a personality that attracts investors and helps him form a network of relationships easily.

Money-making effort experience:

Contrary to what many believe, children of businessmen are not born with a golden spoon in their mouth. Rather, the rich are keen to teach children to save money and make efforts to earn money, and accordingly, tasks are assigned to them so that they deserve an additional amount in addition to their expenses.

Good planning skill:

The most famous businessmen and rich people are always ready for any exceptional circumstances, because they have the skill of advance planning and are quick to respond to any problem that may hinder their business, even for a moment. Accordingly, the rich teach their children the skill of long-term thinking, predicting problems that may occur and finding solutions to them.

Networking Relationship Building:

Yes, building relationships. A successful businessman is known for his wide network of relationships, and that does not mean getting to know anyone he meets! Rather, he has a smart eye for identifying people who will provide him with a benefit in his field of work. Therefore, the rich are keen to teach their children the skill of forming relationships, so that it will be easier for them in the future to benefit from their network of acquaintances, especially those with influence.

Time management and prioritization:

The most famous rich people in the world and businessmen were able to reach their successes by setting their priorities and organizing their agenda while managing time well, and this is what they teach their children from childhood so that they are able to accomplish the tasks that are required of them, and in this way they are ready in adulthood to tackle The pressure of work for any businessman who makes a huge fortune.

Time is the most important wealth of the rich:

The rich realize the importance of time and that investing time well is what creates wealth, and that they should use every minute of their day, so the rich teach their children to use time properly, and not waste the important of it on things that someone else can accomplish instead of them. For example, we notice that businessmen do not drive, but rather appoint a driver to drive them, and at that time they follow up on the stock situation, or they make a deal!

Possession of wealth:

Rich people teach their children that having a lot of money does not mean that they are rich, but rather that they have to convert this money into assets, such as buying stocks, real estate, land, or establishing projects, as you can earn a lot of money and remain poor because you will spend all your earned wages on the pleasures of life .

Owning a project:

Wealthy people are keen to prepare their children to be owners of projects, not employees, even if it is highly paid, as they realize that taxes favor entrepreneurs and break the backs of employees.