Friday, March 31, 2023

How to deal with the deviant sexual behavior of the child

How to deal with a deviant child:

In a recent Egyptian study in 2020; It found that children display a wide variety of sexual behaviours, many of which can be explained as developmentally related. Parent demographics and challenging family circumstances certainly influence the frequencies and types of sexual behavior observed, with respect to age range and gender differences.

deviant sexual behaviours:

According to the study sample survey; The least reported deviant sexual behavior was touching the genitals of an animal and attempting to have sex with other children (0.6%). Some elements of sexual behavior were also significantly associated with different age groups and gender differences. A number of demographic and home environmental factors were discussed. causing these behaviors.

How to deal with child sexual perversion:

In light of this study, which is one of the few studies dealing with child sexual behavior in the Arab world; How to deal with a child's deviant sexual behavior certainly starts from the family, where the parents and older siblings are the closest to the child.

When inappropriate sexual behavior occurs, it is important to respond in a manner that is not shameful to the child by parents and adults in the family:

You need to teach him the difference between private and public behavior:

For example, if your 4-year-old takes off his pants while you are at the grocery store, remind him that it is not something he would do in public.

Respond calmly and avoid using words that could shame your child:

Like 'naughty' or 'unkind' or 'dirty'... If your child is feeling shy, they may feel they shouldn't talk to you if they have questions about sex or their own body.

Seek professional help if you are concerned about your child's sexual behavior:

Talk to your pediatrician or mental health professional. They can perform an assessment and make treatment recommendations to help your child.