Thursday, March 30, 2023

How to teach a child to clean himself after the bathroom.. Practical application of cleaning after using the bathroom

How to teach a child to clean himself after a bath:

Mothers always ask about how I teach my child to clean himself immediately after the bathroom. It is natural for the child to start cleaning himself after using the bathroom after mastering the use of the potty or the toilet completely and permanently, so that you can teach the child to wash the stool, but before starting the training process it is necessary to Consider several points:

  • Use appropriate tissue paper materials that fit your child's skin and the size of his hands.
  • Explain the appropriate technique to the child several times before starting the practical application.
  • You should not rely on the child completely even after mastering the form of the process, you will always have to check that it is completed properly.

Education process outside the bathroom:

But if your child loves to learn and usually shows enthusiasm for learning new things; It will facilitate the next stages for you, and here it is preferable to start the education process outside the bathroom, beginning in the period of its preparation, which is as follows:

  • Teach the child to fold the napkin, and repeat the process several times.
  • Train the child to wipe any sticky material - playdough, for example - on a plastic slide, and make sure that the slide is clean after wiping, and then fold the handkerchief if any amount of paste remains on the slide, to re-wipe it.
  • You can train him on a suitable size doll if possible as a start for this stage.
  • You can also train the child outside the bathroom at times other than defecation, or by pretending that he did the defecation process, so the phase of wiping out will not be a very strange process.

Practical application of cleaning after using the bathroom:

After the above, you can now start the practical application stage of cleaning after using the bathroom, and when your child tells you that he has finished the exit process as usual, you have several important steps to follow, the beginning may be more difficult than expected:

  • Be patient.
  • Encourage your child that he will do something good.
  • Provide him with a sufficient amount of tissues and make him fold them as you taught him previously. This will encourage him, as he will start with something he has learned previously.
  • Explain the technique to him before starting it, and let him wipe from front to back.
  • Watch the process carefully, and if he needs a little help, that's okay for a start, but he prefers to finish the process on his own.
  • If the child gets a napkin too dirty, give him a new napkin and let him repeat the process.
  • When he finishes the process, make sure the stool outlet is clean.
  • Don't forget to encourage him for the important achievement, and he did a great job.
  • Remind him during the day that he has done well, and that he can always repeat it.

Difficulties that need patience to overcome:

Remember here that things are not always easy, and it may be difficult for some children and easier for others, and some of them may succeed from the first or second attempt, and it may take weeks and months for others, taking into account your child’s privacy and encouraging him in any case so that he can finish the task.

In the event that you are one of the societies that prefer cleaning by rinsing with water without wiping, you can follow the same steps, but it may take longer time, more skills, and perhaps an older age. In both cases, make sure that the process ends before your child enters school, where you will not be present. No matter what help he might get in school.