Monday, March 27, 2023

How to treat insomnia in infants.. Stomach pain treatment. Lack of daily nap time. Reducing separation anxiety. Treatment of fear of the dark

Appropriate solutions to treat insomnia in infants:

To solve the problem of insomnia in an infant, it is best to find the cause of the problem in the first place and then take appropriate measures to solve it. Finding out the type of child's problem will help you achieve a satisfactory result in treating your child's insomnia.

Tips for treating insomnia:

Here are some common tips for treating insomnia:

Check the baby's room temperature:

If a child has a cold or a respiratory infection, he or she may wake up coughing or congested. Therefore, to improve such a situation, it is recommended that the baby's room has a suitable temperature and is well ventilated.

Stomach pain treatment:

In cases where the child suffers from bloating or other cases of stomach pain, a tummy massage of the child can be effective. Be sure to check with your pediatrician if your child has had stomachaches for a long time.

Lack of daily nap time:

A child needs to get some sleep during the day, and not getting a daily nap is an important cause of insomnia. So try to get the baby to sleep for 1-2 hours during the day by cuddling or singing to the baby.

Reducing separation anxiety:

As mentioned, stress and anxiety can also cause a baby to sleep through the night. You can help your child reduce stress and anxiety by doing age-appropriate behaviors. Foreplay and talk to the child in a very calm and pleasant way, assuring the child that you will not leave him. It is also recommended not to leave the room until your child is completely asleep. You can seek the help of a specialist to solve the child's separation anxiety.

Treatment for fear of the dark:

Often the darkness and the resulting fear cause poor sleep and insomnia in the child. In such cases, it is best to place a soft bedside lamp in the child's room.

Other ways to help your baby sleep:

Here are some other things that will help you make your baby sleep better:

  • Feed the baby well before bed in order to be fully nourished.
  • Do not look into the eyes of the child. Because looking at the eye causes excitement in the child and leads to insomnia.
  • Clean the bed and put away hard and stuffed toys and items like extra sheets and cotton. Because these things may interfere with or irritate the baby's breathing.
  • Bathe your baby with warm water.
  • Use natural essential oils such as rose water, as they increase the comfort of the child.
  • Try petting the baby before bed.
  • Use a baby rocking chair to calm the baby and help him sleep.