Thursday, March 30, 2023

Is hitting children an effective way to discipline them?

Spanking is aggressive punishment:

Beating may succeed in modifying the child's behavior momentarily only, such as stopping children's riots, but this aggressive punishment will result in other negative effects in the future, and beating is one of the most prominent reasons and things that weaken the child's personality, so parents must teach the child how to regulate his behavior early So that they do not resort to beatings to amend it.

Consequences of violence in child rearing:

As for speaking from a scientific perspective based on studies with regard to scolding and hitting children and its psychological impact, an American study published in 2017 revealed that the use of violence in raising a child and modifying his behavior by hitting the child’s face or hitting the child’s hand or any part of his body will negatively affect the child. His mood and behavior, rather, he will produce an aggressive child in different stages of his life.