Monday, March 27, 2023

Physical changes in adolescence for boys.. Increase in body size. Swelling in the mammary stage. Changes in the voice. hair grow. Increased puberty hormones. Penis enlargement. Sperm formation

Physical changes in adolescence for boys:

For boys, several physical changes occur during this period of adolescence, such as:

Increased body size:

Sometimes the feet, arms, legs, and hands may grow faster than the rest of the body; Which may cause a teenager to feel shy.

Swelling in the breast stage:

Some boys may develop swelling in the breast area as a result of the hormonal changes that occur, and this is common among teenage boys.

Changes in voice:

Where the teenager's voice becomes deeper or larger, and the voice may become broken, but this condition is temporary and improves with time.

hair grow:

Hair begins to grow in the genital area, as well as on the face, under the arms, and on the legs.

Increased puberty hormones:

The skin of teenage boys can become more oily. causing sweating; It may lead to acne.

Penis enlargement:

Erections may occur in teenage boys; This is due to hormonal changes or when there is a stimulus such as imagining sexual things, or even without a reason.

Sperm composition:

And becomes able to release semen during an erection, and this is called ejaculation, and this may sometimes happen while the teenager is sleeping and is called nocturnal emission.