Friday, March 31, 2023

Psychological educational games.. woman. role play. For preschoolers

Psychological educational games:

These games help develop the child's social and cognitive skills, including:


At first, your baby will be fascinated by what he sees, over time, he will realize that the smiling baby in the mirror is himself, then babies will become self-aware, leading to more self-discovery and learning about body parts and where they are.

role play:

They are imaginary games that the child plays, such as imagining himself a cook or a doctor, by imitating the behavior of the parents and the people around them. The presence of dolls and stuffed animals is one of the most motivating things for these games. They help in social and emotional development by teaching children how to express their feelings and take care of something they love.

For preschoolers:

The world becomes an infinitely magical place and children are the masters and creators of it all. Many children at this age believe that they have magical powers and can fight monsters and win or transform into a princess, fairy or any other whimsical creature.