Thursday, March 30, 2023

Reasons for sudden refusal to breastfeed artificial milk by the child.. Changing the taste of formula milk

Reasons why a child suddenly refuses to breastfeed:

The child's refusal to breastfeed suddenly opens the door to many questions for every mother facing this problem. Since the child has been accustomed to artificial feeding for a period of time and accepts it, so the mother should look for all the reasons that can lead to this. For this reason, we present to you in the coming lines the most famous reasons for the child’s refusal to artificial feeding after getting used to it.

Child distraction:

With the development of their age, children begin to interact with the factors and people around them, and many older children suffer from being distracted by many of these factors. Such as: television, telephone, mother's conversation with others,

This is why many babies suddenly refuse to breastfeed. As a result of their preoccupation with all these factors.

If the mother begins to notice her child's lack of concentration during feeding, his distraction and his lack of interest in it, she should allocate a room in which the child eats his meal away from all the factors that keep him away from it, and then returns to complete his games with the utmost activity again.

The child is not hungry:

Many mothers begin to introduce solid foods into the children's diet after the age of six months, when all children feel very happy when they sit with their family members at one table to eat different forms of foods, and most of them gradually begin to refuse to breastfeed.

This should not be a concern for you; Because it is a natural result of the child feeling full and lacking his need for milk at that time, you can overcome this problem by offering milk to your child before his meal, and you should never force him to eat milk when he is not hungry.

Changing the taste of formula milk:

There are many factors that can affect your baby's enjoyment of formula; Such as: the temperature of the milk, the change of its type to another type, the passage of a long time after opening the milk carton and its taste changed, and the change in the ratio between water and milk contributes to the child’s rejection of it, because it makes him feel that it is too diluted, for this reason you should put all these things Keep in mind when you prepare milk for your baby; To avoid being rejected by him.

The baby needs to change the nipple:

The child's ability and ability to breastfeed develops with age. Some older children may feel frustrated as a result of the slow flow of milk from the narrow nipple that the mother has been using since the beginning of the child's life, and this may lead them to refuse to breastfeed in the first place.

The mother should pay attention to this matter, and be keen to change the type of nipple according to the age of the child, and she should also move gradually between nipples that have a different flow speed, moving from the slowest speed to the medium and then the fast flow at the end.