Thursday, March 30, 2023

Sensory toys for children under 1 year old that are made with home tools

Sensory games for children with tools from homem:

Parents are keen to buy children's toys in order to entertain the child and give him a dose of fun and happiness, but children love to play with household items, for example, he will leave his toy with musical sounds to play with a wooden spoon! Here is a list that reviews 5 sensory games for children that can be made with simple tools from home, and will develop your child's sensory skills:

1- Water bag and objects:

We start with the options of sensory games for children with this game that your child will take a long time to discover and play with. This game develops the sense of touch and sight and strengthens the hand muscles in children.

Tools required:

  • Resealable transparent food storage bag.
  • Colorful figures from children's toys.
  • adhesive.

Manufacturing Method:

  • Put water and objects inside the bag.
  • Seal the bag.
  • Stick the bag on all four sides to the ground using tape.

2- Scarves box:

For those looking for easy-to-make sensory motor games for children, here is this game, which develops the child's grasping and pulling skills.

Tools required:

  • Tissue box.
  • A piece of thick cloth to “mark the opening of the tissue box so as not to hurt the child.”
  • Colorful fabrics square size measuring 20 * 20 cm.

Manufacturing Method:

  • Stick the cloth around the opening of the tissue paper.
  • I fold the bunch of colored fabrics in a continuous way “like a tissue”.
  • Put it inside the box and take out a part of it to attract the child's attention.

3- Ribbon Basket:

Next in the list of sensory and kinesthetic games for children is the Ribbon Basket game, which develops the child's ability to control the movement of fingers and pick up objects, as he will pull the tape out from the hole of the basket and then return the movement to the inside.

Tools required:

  • basket with holes.
  • colored ribbons.

Manufacturing Method:

  • Cut the strips to equal lengths.
  • Insert colored ribbons into the garment.
  • Tie the ends of the tape so that the tapes do not come out of the hole.

4- Color bag:

This game is also one of the options for sensory games for children, and it is ideal for children under one year old, and it will develop their sense of touch and color recognition, as it will move the colors or combine them without any mess.

Tools required:

  • Resealable transparent food storage bag.
  • White paper.
  • Acrylic colours.

Manufacturing Method:

  • Cut a piece of white paper the size of the bag.
  • Insert the white paper into the bag.
  • Add colors sparingly.
  • Close the bag tightly.

5- The sparkling bottle:

This game will grab your child's attention and develop their hands control skill, as they won't stop moving the bottle and looking at the shiny liquid inside.

Tools required:

  • Small water bottle.
  • Shimmering powder.

Manufacturing Method:

  • Add water to ¾ of the bottle.
  • Add a good amount of shimmer powder.
  • Close the bottle.