Thursday, March 23, 2023

Stages of teaching a child to write

When can a child be taught to write?

The best age for teaching a child to write is between 6-7 years, and another study says that the appropriate age for teaching children to hold a pen is 3 years, as we cannot ignore the pre-school stage, which lays the foundation for the success of their learning to write.

Parents often search for an answer to the question of the appropriate age to teach a child to write, and studies indicate that the appropriate time to teach a child to write is 6-7 years, i.e. when entering school, but the child must be prepared and taught the principles of writing at the age of 3 years by teaching him to hold a pen and color.

Stages of teaching a child to write:

In order for the child to reach the stage of writing proficiency, there are 3 stages that he must go through and require parents effort and time for their child to master this important skill. Here are the stages of teaching the child to write and hold a pen:

1- Preparing the child for writing:

The easiest way to teach a child to write is to prepare him for that at an early age, and to strengthen the child's muscles to make it easier for him to hold a pen and write correctly when entering school. Activities that strengthen the child's hand muscles include:
  • Putty
  • slime
  • cubes
  • Cut the paper with children's scissors
  • coloring
  • Helping mom in the kitchen (shaping dough, chopping vegetables with baby knife, mixing cake mix)
  • Pouring liquids "This exercise helps the child acquire the skill of controlling his hand"
  • Agriculture.

2- Distinguishing letters and numbers:

The second stage of teaching children writing and letters begins at the age of 3 years, i.e. the early education stage, where children accept learning and rapid growth, realizing what is going on around them and learning and acquiring vocabulary. In this stage of teaching a child writing, parents must do the following:

  • Teaching the child to hold a pen.
  • Teaching the child to draw shapes "circle, square, clouds...etc.".
  • Teaching the child letters.
  • Display educational clips for letters and numbers to stick in the child's mind.
  • Connecting letters to stories and characters loved by the child.
  • Buy large and colored letters and numbers and repeat the pronunciation of each letter and number in front of it.
  • Buy educational toys.

3- Writing training:

At this stage, at the age of 6 years, the child begins to practice writing, and the school trains and teaches the child to write a word. The following tips can be used to train and teach the child to write on the line:

  • Forming letters with clay
  • Teaching children to write drip
  • Using active learning to train the child to write and memorize letters, numbers and words
  • Writing letters in the air
  • Holding and leading the child's hand to the letter or number, and this exercise is good for training in teaching children to write in a beautiful handwriting
  • Character coloring
  • Ask him to help write the order list for the house and let him write the way he wants without any criticism or modification of the list
  • Make words using figures and then ask him to write them on a piece of paper
  • Share games that require writing for your child to practice without getting bored.

Things to consider when teaching your child to write:

Provide the child with colorful tools with cute drawings to encourage him to write on his own
Encourage your child when writing any letter
Do not put pressure on the child and let him feel that writing is an activity for entertainment, so that he does not alienate from it
Taking into account the individual differences between children and not comparing him to another child of his age
Teaching a child to write requires patience from the teacher and parents