Thursday, March 23, 2023

Symptoms of shaken baby syndrome and the resulting complications

The effects of shaking to calm the infant:

Some parents may resort to shaking to deal with the crying of the infant, but children should stop shaking so that the children are not exposed to Shaken Baby Syndrome, a syndrome that occurs because the blood vessels in the child's head cannot bear the effects of shaking, And it can be damaged, which is a serious health problem.

Complications of a child with shaking syndrome:

Many complications can result when a child has shaken syndrome, including:
  • Partial blindness.
  • Complete loss of vision.
  • Facing difficulties during the child's development.
  • Learning or behavior problems.
  • intellectual disabilities, and epileptic seizures.
  • Sometimes this syndrome leads to cerebral palsy that affects movement.

Signs of a baby with shaken baby syndrome:

  • There are many indications that a child has shaken baby syndrome, including: Facing difficulty in keeping the child awake.
  • Note the twitching of the child's body.
  • Having trouble breathing.
  • vomiting.
  • Abnormalities in the skin.
  • Exposure to seizures or coma.
  • paralysis.
  • Not eating well.
  • You must see a doctor immediately if the symptoms of the syndrome mentioned appear during the period of breastfeeding the child.

Seeing a doctor because of a crying baby:

It is possible that the infant's crying indicates a health condition that requires a doctor's review, a diagnosis, and then a treatment plan to maintain the child's safety. It is necessary to visit the doctor if the child begins to cry in a way that is unusual without being able to calm him down in the usual ways, including: Crying in a louder or lower tone tone, and it is worth mentioning that a visit to the doctor is required when the child has stopped crying completely, but has become weak, and it has become difficult to wake him up.

The reasons for the crying of the infant are too many; He cries when almost anything is needed, whether it is a need to change diapers, get more warmth, get rid of pain, or food, and this crying is usually dealt with at home by trying to identify the cause and then deal with it as should.