Friday, March 24, 2023

Teach the child to defend himself when kidnapped by strangers and the absence of protection from adults

Teaching the child to defend himself when kidnapped:

Kidnapping can be prevented by teaching your children how to be careful with strangers and making sure they are ready before they go anywhere without adult protection.

Tips for combating child abduction:

Here are the most important recommendations:

Teach children how to ask for help:

If they think something might not be safe, get them in the habit of telling you even when you're busy, like, "I see you're busy, but this is about safety, please listen."

Use the word "strange" calmly and accurately:

So that children can understand the intended meaning and prevent anxiety. A stranger is just a person you do not know well, I explain to him that a stranger can be a man, woman or child of any age, and that most people are good and this means that most strangers are also good, but some of them may cause disturbance, so you do not need to worry but you have to be careful .

Teach children the difference between "together" and "alone":

And how the safety rules differ in each case.

Children should know personal information accurately:

This includes: parents' full name, phone number, address, names of family members, school name, etc. admonish them not to give this information to any stranger, and train them to consciously and confidently walk away without speaking to a stranger; If he starts asking him about his personal information.

Encourage the child to use her voice and body to move away when someone is behaving in a frightening way:

Train him to yell and say a loud and forceful "no... stand up" or "I need help" while running to a trusted person who can help him.

Teach children how to use methods of physical self-defense in emergency situations.

The child's right to protection from violence is the duty of the parents and society as a whole, according to the provisions of international law, and they must be provided with support and trained to face all situations in which they may be exposed to any attack.