Friday, March 31, 2023

The causes of the phenomenon of child rioting and treatment methods that help to reduce it

Causes of child rioting:

  • family problems.
  • Excess signifier.
  • Giving orders to the child in a condescending and negative manner.
  • Comparing the child to others.
  • Child neglect in all respects.
  • Contradictions in education, that is, when parents do not agree on a particular method of education or the power to make decisions.
  • Lack of family atmosphere of tenderness and education.
  • The child was mistreated at school.
  • Watching violent cartoons or bad ideas for children.
  • Excessive play of the child in the iPad, as the impact of technology on children must be seen.
  • The child is under psychological pressure.
  • Not allowing the child to empty his energy through activities or taking him for outdoor trips.
  • The reason may be that the child suffers from hyperactivity disease, and here it is necessary to visit the doctor to treat it.
  • The child's jealousy of another child, which the parents give him the pampering that is not given to the naughty child.

Treating hooliganism in children:

  • Here is how to deal with hooliganism in children:
  • In the event that the cause of the riot is excessive coddling, it is necessary to follow correct methods in raising the child.
  • Moderation of the treatment of the child between the right and firmness.
  • Non-discrimination of treatment between children.
  • Talk to your child without scolding when he is naughty and sabotaging.
  • Punishing the child in a way that does not harm him, such as deducting his money or depriving him of an activity he loves.
  • Do not exaggerate in punishing the child, and it is important to differentiate between troublesome for the purpose of drawing attention or rioting with the aim of surveying.
  • Giving the child sufficient tenderness within a warm family environment.
  • Empty your child's energy in activities he loves, such as riding a bike or signing up for sports clubs.