Friday, March 31, 2023

Things to consider when choosing the right diaper for a child from a health point of view

Things to consider when choosing the right diaper for a child:


The measurement depends on the weight of the child, and the appropriate weight for each measurement is written on the diaper, and it is possible to try more than one size, whether larger or smaller, to find out the most suitable for your child.

Diaper Thickness:

The thickness of good quality diapers is less, so as not to bother the child and not to take up space in the clothes.

Absorbency and texture:

The absorption power must be high, and this can be known from the green color inside the diaper, which means that the absorption power is good, in addition to the mother’s experiences.

Rubber sides:

The sides must be comfortable and not disturb the child in terms of design and material used, and they must also be tight and not cause leakage without harming the child.


It is important that the adhesive is strong to seal the nappy, and good quality is characterized by its adhesive that does not come off easily.