Friday, March 24, 2023

Ways to teach a child to read quickly and in the manner of Glenn Doman

Teaching a child to speed read:

Reading speed is an added skill to the reading skill itself, and the child can master speed reading, as the child is taught to read fluently, through the following steps:
  • Increase the time allotted for reading with the child on a daily basis by one minute each day.
  • Seeking that all reading activities have a bit of a time challenge, as this pushes the child to focus and read faster.
  • Ask questions to the child from time to time, to ensure that he reads quickly with awareness and understanding of what he is reading.
  • Focusing on reading in areas that the child loves, as this increases his enthusiasm and speed.
  • Entering into a challenge with the child, about who reads faster than the second.

Teaching a child to read Glenn Doman's method:

The method, designed by the American physician Glenn Doman, has proven to be very effective in teaching children to read at an early age compared to traditional education methods. Doman found that the child in his early years has great mental abilities and is able to learn to read, as long as there is stimulation on that from the parents.

The Glenn Doman method relies on the use of images and printed words to identify them and their meanings, and fulfills the condition of entertainment and enjoyment, which is one of the most important conditions for teaching young children to read. The Glenn Doman method of education is applied according to the following steps:
  • 5 groups of pictures (each group 5 words) are shown over the course of five days.
  • In the beginning, words are chosen from the child’s surroundings, such as the members of his body, his home, his family, and what he loves.
  • It is preferable to use verbs and adjectives after several days, so that the child does not feel bored.
  • One word is written in red, in a large font, on a white sheet of paper (25x25 cm), with the words to the right of the sheet and the pictures that correspond to these words to the left of it.
  • The picture should be shown for just one second, without asking the children to repeat the words.
  • Cards should not be too close to children, and not more than a meter away.
  • You should not display more than 25 cards per day, or all decks at once.

Glenn Doman method steps:

Glenn Doman's method includes 5 steps:

The first step:

  • On the first day: Show five words of the same category three times a day.
  • On the second day: Show the five words from the previous day plus five new words from a different category.
  • On the third day: Show the previous ten words and add five more words in a new category.
  • On the fourth day: Present the fifteen words you used the previous day, plus five words from a different category.
  • Day 5: Show them the 20 words they've seen before plus five new words in a new category.
  • After completing the first week, remove a category and replace it with a new one.

The second step:

  • The second stage begins after the child has already learned to read 150 words.
  • In the second stage, a pair of words is used, by associating a noun with an adjective.
  • The color names must be written on cards of the same color as written, not on white paper.
  • Each week displays 2 sets of word pairs (5 pairs each), with Phase 1 cards.

The third step:

  • Phrases including a noun and a conjugate verb are written on each card, with illustrations, such as "Daddy walks."
  • The child is shown 10 pictures a day, and they are read 3 times a day.

The fourth step:

  • At this stage complete 3 word sentences are written, such as "Mom closed the door".
  • A book can be created from these sentences, with an average of 10 sentences in each book.
  • You read these sentences 3 times a day.

Fifth step:

  • At this point stories of 50-100 words are entered.
  • The story is read aloud to the child three times a day, at a normal speed.
  • Books with only one sentence per page with illustrations are preferred.
  • The stories should be close to your child's interests.

In conclusion, the best way to teach children to read is to make it fun. Children tend to engage in fun activities, so try to always combine play with learning to read.