Friday, March 31, 2023

What are the causes and motives for stealing in children?

Reasons for stealing in children:

Children have different motives for stealing, as each child may steal for a special reason. Among the reasons for stealing among children are:

  • Poor impulse control and immediate desire to satisfy needs.
  • To get the parents' attention.
  • The child has not learned that stealing is wrong.
  • Noticing that adults frequently take out things that don't belong to them, such as office supplies.
  • Feeling neglected within the family is what pushes the child to acquire things that are a substitute for love.
  • Suffering from physical or psychological abuse.
  • Expressing feelings of anxiety or anger as a result of a major change in the child's life, such as parents' divorce or moving to a new school.
  • Revenge for psychological or physical harm caused by others.
  • Impress your peers and join a robbery group.
  • The desire to have a unique purpose.
  • The desire to acquire an item without the ability to purchase it.
  • For a sense of risk, fun and suspense.
  • Rebellion against parental or school authority.