Friday, March 31, 2023

What are the household rules that every child should follow?

Household rules every child should follow:

There may be many rules that you can adopt in your home, and this may be subject to special factors on which the privacy of each family usually depends, such as:
  • number of family members.
  • The ages of the children present.
  • Place and form of residence.
  • Sharing a home.
  • The quality and duration of parental work.

But in general, specialists suggest a number of rules that will achieve positive results and strengthen family relationships, so these rules must be clear and simple, and written in a place for everyone to see and in a few words:

First rule: use fewer words.

This rule is for adults (parents, older brothers and sisters) and not for children, as adults tend to talk excessively, while the child does not care about most of this talk if he wants something. Be clear and brief in your words when you want the child to implement something. And use words of praise when he gets things done right.

Rule Two: No to interruption:

Children believe in two things, the first is that you are always available, and the second is that their need is very important, and when the two things unite, the result is a permanent interruption, whether you are talking to someone, using the phone, or doing something, be patient in applying this rule, wait a while and then turn to the child and say thank you very much To wait, and as time went on waiting for longer and thank you every time.

Rule 3: Ask permission when using what is not yours:

This is useful in teaching the child the importance of setting personal boundaries, and that you return what you borrow after using it.

Rule 4: Ask for a solution when a problem occurs:

When a child is exposed to a problem at home, or when he messes with something, he expects you to be angry. Here, show him the opposite, and let him feel the need to tell you when he is exposed to a problem, discuss with him the method of solution, and let him help fix the defect or solve the problem.

Rule Five: Clean Up Your Mess:

The comfort of playing with games and creating chaos in the play area should be associated with arranging the place after completion, and you should know that yelling methods will not solve the problem.

Sixth rule: Housework first, then play:

This is the way of life, you do the right thing first and then you get the reward.

Rule 7: Calm down first:

This is a comprehensive family rule, where no matter should be discussed while angry or screaming. You can always use the word stop and calm down before discussing any matter, solution or problem, so that the child learns the importance of handling matters calmly and deliberately.