Thursday, March 30, 2023

What are the methods of punishment that do not cause harm to the child's psyche?

Punishment methods that do not harm the child's psyche:

There is no justification for hitting a child, whether it is hitting children for education or even hitting children for education when violating the rules of the home for children. What will be modified at that moment will result in great psychological destruction and damage to the child’s personality in the future. Here are the alternative methods of punishment, provided that the punishment is not motivated by healing and gloating.

  • Dialogue with the child in a sharp, non-aggressive tone, as the benefits of dialogue in modifying the child's behavior are very effective.
  • Isolate for minutes and not talk to him for some time.
  • Depriving him of some privileges such as watching TV or playing with a tablet.
  • Punishment of the child through sharp looks.

In conclusion, it should be noted that psychological punishment is equal in impact to corporal punishment, and parents must be familiar with positive punishment methods that develop the child's personality and do not cause harm to it.