Friday, March 31, 2023

What are the methods of teaching a child to speak from the age of two to three years?

Teaching a child to speak from the age of two to three years:

The child will be able to acquire several language skills, and the speed of acquiring and using utterances and words will increase. At this stage, he will start creating simple pictures and answering his own questions.

The child will love to play more as his imagination will develop, and he may start to act out some scenes in which he imitates family members, such as driving a car or preparing food, and taking care of his own toys.

Ways to use words:

The use of these vocabulary in a sentence can be helped by:

  • Teach the child to pronounce his name and nickname.
  • Teach your child an idea of number and size and ask him about it, such as one big car, three small cars, etc.
  • Ask open-ended questions that cannot be answered with a yes or no, to give him room to expand on the explanation.
  • Let your child tell you the story of the book you read yesterday and help him explain, and show the necessary expressions.
  • Use the necessary representation while playing and reading, so that the child knows the feelings associated with the words.
  • The child still needs a long time of calm, set a short time for him to watch the TV and other devices and let him get enough rest and sleep, away from the noise and external disturbance.