Friday, March 31, 2023

What are the methods that help teach the child to pronounce and speak?

Pronunciation in children:

When the infant is close to reaching his first year, the mother begins to ask those around her, when will my child start to speak, why did his brothers speak months before him, how can the child be taught to speak quickly, and does my son suffer from the problem of delayed speech?

In general, children start babbling in the sixth month of their life, and they pronounce their first words between the 10th and 15th month, and they develop their ability to communicate, pronounce, and learn more words and build sentences, after the eighteenth month of their life.

Teaching the child to pronounce and speak:

You can help your child learn pronunciation at an early stage, through a number of methods, namely:
  • Make eye contact with your baby when he stretches his arms up to say he wants something, or pushes food away to say he's had enough. Respond and encourage these early nonverbal attempts at baby talk.
  • Pay attention to your baby's babbles and try to imitate your baby's sounds. Be patient and give your baby plenty of time to start talking.
  • Smile and clap for all the sounds your baby makes, as they are attempts to articulate.
  • Talk to your child a lot, as hearing the voice of his parents helps him to develop speech, and whenever he says incomprehensible words about certain things, correct what he says, and pronounce the correct word in front of him and repeat it.
  • Explain to your child what he wants, for example when he points to the table because he wants an apple, say to him: "Would you like more apples? This apple tastes good, right?"
  • Communicate with your baby with songs and music, babies respond to the lyrics and repeat them unconsciously.
  • Talk to your child about what you do while feeding him or changing his clothes. For example, say to him, "Let's put these blue socks on now," or "I'll cut apples for you," so that your child associates words with these things.
  • When your child stutters, try to understand what he's saying, keep trying, repeat some words about what you think he's saying, and ask him if that's true.
  • Read aloud in front of your child, as this helps them memorize and pronounce speech.
  • Do not ask questions to your child, instead of asking him do you like milk? Tell him we'll drink milk together.