Friday, March 31, 2023

What are the negative damage electronic games on health?.. muscle pain. Likelihood of seizures. Obesity. Vitamin D deficiency

Effects of electronic games on health:

There is no doubt that the harm of electronic games to physical health is a source of concern for many, as many studies have been published indicating the possibility of damage, especially when playing for a prolonged period, and this includes the following:

muscle pain:

Studies indicate that continuous gaming may lead to muscle pain in different areas of the body, including the neck, lower back, hand and wrist as well.

Likelihood of seizures:

It is possible for bright lights or highly contrasting graphics from gaming screens to contribute to epileptic seizures, but so far there have not been enough studies to link this problem directly to gaming.


The lifestyle of people who play for long hours may lead to obesity over time, due to lack of movement and eating unhealthy foods.

Vitamin D deficiency:

It is not considered directly harmful to health from electronic games, but staying at home and refraining from sufficient exposure to sunlight may lead to vitamin D deficiency, as sunlight is the most important source for obtaining it.