Friday, March 31, 2023

What are the psychological effects of electronic games?.. Agressive behaviour. Addiction. lack of motivation. Exposure to unsuitable environments

Psychological effects of electronic games:

Electronic games come in many types and varieties, and although some of them may be for an educational purpose, there are other types that may lead to negative results if you spend a long time playing, and the following are the most prominent psychological damage to electronic games:


After a long debate for years on this topic, the World Health Organization announced in 2019 its recognition that electronic addiction is a real disease.

lack of motivation:

Because of the nature of competitive electronic games, a player’s involvement in them for a long time may greatly enhance the feeling of victory and self-satisfaction, which in turn may affect the motivations that are supposed to encourage him to do other important things in his professional, academic, and social life.

Exposure to unsuitable environments:

Some electronic games include a lot of violent and pornographic scenes, which continuous exposure to may lead to negative psychological consequences in general, especially for young people, so that some countries have banned some of these games for this reason.

Agressive behaviour:

Violent and aggressive behavior is one of the most prominent psychological harms of electronic games that is still a matter of controversy today, and although there are not enough studies to confirm this, the world of games is still an open and insufficiently monitored environment, and for many, exposure to violent and bloody scenes in games does not It is generally considered a good thing.