Friday, March 31, 2023

What are the signs of a smart child?.. Excellent memory. Early reading skills. curiosity. Musical ability or talent

Signs of a smart kid:

You can discover that your child has intelligence through a number of signs that you can observe, and find out if they are present in him, and among these signs:

Excellent memory:

One of the signs of an intelligent child is that he has a good memory, which enables him to learn and retain new information, whether at school or at home, and this helps in making decisions in the later stages of life.

Early reading skills:

Smart children start sight reading before the age of four, while most children will be closer to the age of six or seven before they can read. There are many stages of reading and children must learn to recognize and understand words before they can begin to read on their own.


Having an inquisitive mind is a good indicator of intelligence. Children who ask a lot of questions show an innate desire to learn and look for learning opportunities wherever they are.

Musical ability or talent:

Studies show a link between being musical and being smart, so all parents should expose their children to music at an early age, even if they don't have a particular musical talent. Researchers believe that musical training affects the brain and unlocks the ability to think creatively.