Friday, March 31, 2023

What are the signs of a smart child from birth?.. Very good focus. solving problems. High birth weight. Preference for solitude and quiet

Signs of a smart child from birth:

All parents like to know whether their child will be smart at birth or not, as there are certain signs that help them discover this, including:

He has a very good focus:

Babies and young children are notorious for their short attention spans, so one sign of a smart child is that he or she can focus on something for long periods of time from a very young age.

Likes to solve problems:

One of the signs of your little one's intelligence from birth is that they don't give up easily and they have exceptional problem-solving skills. For example, if you've kept their favorite snacks in a cupboard, your child is likely to figure out a clever way to access these things.

High birth weight:

Studies show that there is a relationship between a child's birth weight and intelligence, with researchers discovering that higher birth weights equate to slightly higher IQs throughout life.

Prefers solitude and quiet:

One of the signs of a smart child is that he often prefers to be alone, as you can notice him playing very happily on their own.