Friday, March 31, 2023

What are the steps to establish rules for children inside and outside the home?

Steps to establish rules for children inside and outside the home:

There are several points to consider when establishing rules for children inside and outside the home:

  • That these rules help everyone in the family to get along better.
  • These rules should be positive, limited and easy to understand.
  • Rules are made around things like physical behaviour, safety, manners, respect and routine.
  • These rules will need to change as the children get older and the family situation changes.

Here are several tips and steps that help set the rules for your family through which you can achieve the desired results:

Talk to your spouse about goals:

Especially if there are behaviors you want to address, take notes on the discussion.

Hold a family meeting:

And to include all family members, even the very young, in this meeting, this will give an opportunity to make interventions, ask questions, and feel the family's equal appreciation for everyone, and present and discuss household laws and rules so that everyone understands them.

Post the rules at home:

Let the children see it hanging in their places, and it is possible to add some illustrations to enhance the image for them of the importance of words.

Promote teamwork:

And through these rules and focused on mutual respect.

Start with yourself:

It will be easier for children to imitate you than to apply the rules you write, so try to be an example to them.

Use punishment and praise:

The child must notice the difference between adhering to the rules or not, by earning praise and rewards or enduring punishment, each child according to his age.

Introducing and developing rules:

This will be necessary according to the success of each rule, the extent of the benefit achieved from it, or the need to cancel some rules or add new ones.