Friday, March 31, 2023

What are the symptoms of children's delayed speech and ways to treat this phenomenon?

Children's speech delay:

In general, your child's delay in saying some words is not evidence of a problem or disability. Each child has a certain time in which he will pronounce most of the vocabulary, but sometimes the delay in pronunciation may be evidence of other problems such as hearing impairment or developmental problems.

But how do you know that your child has a speech delay?

The following are a group of symptoms that confirm that the child has a delay in speech:
  • At the age of two months: the child does not coo or make sounds or babble.
  • At the age of one year: he was unable to say papa or mama.
  • 2 years old: does not use at least 25 words.
  • By 2 1/2 years: Doesn't use unique two- or three-word phrases.
  • By three years: Doesn't use at least 200 words, doesn't ask for things by name, or has trouble understanding what they're saying.
  • In the event that your child is unable at any age to say the words that were previously learned, this is a sure indication that he suffers from a problem in pronunciation.

Treatment of delayed speech in children:

As for how to treat delayed speech in children, this is done according to the following:
  • Address your child and talk to him, this motivates him to learn and pronounce.
  • Use gestures and point to objects while saying their names.
  • Read to your child and talk to him about the pictures he sees.
  • Sing has simple songs that are easy to repeat.
  • Give your child your full attention when he tries to talk to you.
  • When someone asks him a question, don't answer it.
  • When you anticipate what he wants, ask him before giving it to him.
  • Let your child interact with children who have good language skills.

When should you visit the doctor?

There are two types of speech-related problems in children:

  • The first: just a delay in learning to speak and pronounce it, which is a normal occurrence for many children, as he says some words correctly, and stutters in saying other words, and here there is no need to visit the doctor, especially if this happens under the age of two years.
  • As for the second: it has to do with the presence of a problem in the child that hinders his ability to speak and speak, such as hearing loss, mouth problems, cerebral palsy, muscle atrophy, or brain injuries, where the child cannot say any simple word such as Mama or Papa. Even after the age of two years, in this case, a pediatrician should be visited immediately to find out the cause of the speech problem, and to treat it.