Friday, March 31, 2023

What are the things that weaken the child's personality and how to solve them to strengthen his personality?

What are the things that weaken the child's personality?

Family problems:

If the parents knew the extent of the psychological damage that family problems cause to the psyche and personality of the child, they would have deprived her of the home! Children under 7 years of age always feel that they are the cause of the problem, even if the issue is not relevant to them. The scene of conflict between mother and father, loud voices, and the constant lack of understanding between them contribute to destabilizing the security and stability of the child, and it is the spark that ignites the child’s personality weakness.

It should be noted that there is no harm in the child living through one or two disagreements over a period of a month, but the family problems that we are talking about and that destabilize the child's security are the daily problems at home.

The solution:

Resolving marital disputes away from the child, avoiding screaming or creating a tense atmosphere at home, no matter how great the dispute, and paying attention to the child's mental health.

Electronic games:

Yes, electronic games, which in turn raise a child with an isolated personality, and thus we have a child with a weak personality who cannot deal with individuals in the external community. Facing life and engaging in the external community is what contributed to strengthening the child’s personality during his early years.

The solution:

Parents must manage the child's time and set a specific period for playing, even if it is at the expense of their time and effort. Children are a responsibility and should not be complacent in the simplest matters, which may contribute to destabilizing their personality.

Sensitive, considerate children:

Sensitivity is an attribute born with children, and a sensitive child is usually extra considerate of the feelings of others, which leads him to take care of the comfort of others at the expense of his own comfort or to grant his right to others for fear of hurting their feelings, for example, a child may give up his right to play to another child who intruded on his role, The reason is that your child is affectionate and sensitive and does not feel comfortable with the feeling of being annoyed by others. If the parents do not address this problem, the child will continue to give up his right and care for the comfort of others at the expense of his own.

The solution:

When your child gives his toy to others, ask him, “Why did I give you your toy to the other child?” Of course, he will answer you, “So that he won't be sad!” And the parents will have to respond with the phrase “Let him grieve, it is okay, this is your right,” and this dialogue must be repeated until he overcomes the characteristic of being considerate of the feelings of others and does not let the feelings of others control him.

The child's lack of awareness of his strengths:

A person, by nature, feels weak in his personality when he does not find what competes with others or distinguishes him from others, so the problem of weak personality in children may be due to the child's lack of awareness of a skill that distinguishes him from others or a hobby that he masters.

The solution:

Parents should educate the child about a skill he is mastering, reinforce and amplify it by repeating praise such as “You are a good speaker,” “You are a talented painter,” “You are very fast,” “You have a beautiful artistic touch.”

A mother and father with a strong personality.. to the point of control!:

Sometimes parents may not notice that their strong personality may crush the personality of their children, as the individual is naturally strong in character and loves to take over leadership, and if the parents are like that, they will not allow the child to practice daily activities that contribute to enhancing his self-confidence, for example, the doctor asks the child about what he is complaining about, and in return she rushes mother to answer.

The solution:

giving the child the opportunity to express himself, and allowing him to make choices related to him, such as choosing today's clothes from a very young age, or choosing what he wants to eat, or even forcing the child to recite the anthem that he memorizes in front of the family when he may not want to! Let your children choose what they want.

lack of tenderness:

A strong personality is based on its strength as an acceptable personality, and sometimes the reasons for a child's weak personality may be his lack of feeling of acceptance, which comes from containing the child and giving him enough tenderness to make him feel accepted among his family.

The solution:

Give the child tenderness verbally and physically by hugging him, kissing him, and repeating the phrase “I love you.”

Mockery and mockery:

Unfortunately, there are many parents who think that they are light-hearted and respond to their children's behavior with ridicule and ridicule, for example when the child shows his drawings, the parents start laughing and mocking the way he draws, or mocking the feelings of the child we have when he cries over a sad cartoon scene, and this breaks the child's personality and makes him feel uncomfortable. Safety from expressing himself for fear of being ridiculed.

The solution:

Don't make fun of any child's action, but rather give him enough space to express his feelings or offer praise for any action he does, even if it's funny.


Unfortunately, there are still a large number of parents who believe that modern methods of education contributed to the production of an impolite generation. A submissive child with his head down is afraid of his own shadow.

The solution:

No matter how bad the child behaves, do not resort to hitting! Different types of punishment can be found that do not harm the child's psyche and do not contribute to weakening his personality.