Friday, March 31, 2023

What are the tips that contribute to the success of your child in the future?

Tips that contribute to your child's future success:

You must take advantage of some tips that support you in raising a successful child now and in the future:

Keep them under gentle watch:

While giving them some independence, but always be there for them and motivate them and tell them about the high expectations that you expect from them, provided that they are protective expectations and according to their capabilities.

Praise them correctly:

You can praise your child in two ways that you must distinguish between them:

Praising innate abilities:

By telling him, "You're so smart, you're so talented."

Praise for Efforts:

You should always appreciate the work that the child accomplishes, such as saying: “You worked hard, you did a great job.” Be sure to praise your children for their efforts and work more than your praise for their innate abilities, as this will stimulate the motive of diligence, while the other will stimulate some types of dependence on talents.

Take your children out of the house:

Nature will be an inspiration for children, and a catalyst for questions, experiments and exploration, as it is the great laboratory for children, and play plays a major role in stimulating children's skills and abilities.

Read to your children correctly:

It is an expressive way that conveys feelings and introduces the child into the atmosphere of the story and discusses it. Studies have shown that "children who listened to stories from their parents were more successful."