Friday, March 31, 2023

What are the tips to follow while teaching a child to speak?

Tips while teaching a child to speak:

In fact, babies understand what you are saying long before they can speak clearly. You can follow these tips while teaching your child to speak:


Observe your baby's movements and translate them into clear words to encourage his non-verbal attempts to develop into talking such as when your baby stretches out his arms for you to pick him up or gives you his toy to say he wants to play with you, smile at him, make eye contact, and respond.

listen to it:

Pay attention to your baby's cooing and babbling, respond to the same sounds directly to your baby as he is trying to imitate the sounds you make so be patient and give your baby plenty of time to "talk" to you.

Praise and encourage him:

Smile and clap for your baby's attempts to speak. Babies learn the power of speech through the reactions of the adults around them.

imitate your child:

Babies love to hear their parents' voices and when parents talk to them, it helps to develop speech, the more you talk to him using short, simple and correct words the more your baby will try.

Explain to him:

When your child points to food, don't just feed him, talk to him and say, for example, "Would you like some more food? This macaroni and cheese looks delicious, doesn't it?"

I tell him:

Talk about what you do while cooking and cleaning, and when you bathe him and change his clothes, tell him everything so that he connects the events.

be patient with it

Even when you don't understand what your child is saying, keep trying.
GIVE IT THE LEAD: During playtime, follow your child's attention and interests to show communication is a two-way game of speaking and listening, leading and following.

Play with him:

  Encourage him to play and pretend out loud to develop verbal skills.
Read loud and clear.

Try to get rid of the pacifier by the end of 12 months of your baby's life.

Simply love your child, respond positively to him, and encourage him in his attempts, as this is the best building block.
Finally, you have to teach each child a time line and a specific development that differs from others, some of them, but in general, if your child reaches his second year without pronouncing the basic words and his third year without linking two words to a sentence, you may have to consult a doctor.