Thursday, March 30, 2023

What are the ways to treat a child's refusal to artificial feeding?

Treatment of the child's refusal to artificial feeding:

Every mother should be patient when facing this problem, and know that it is a temporary stage in the life of her child, and he, like other children, will eventually get used to artificial feeding. Here are some instructions that help you treat the child’s refusal to artificial feeding:

  • Try to reduce your child's excessive attachment to you, so that he does not refuse to breastfeed in your absence when someone else offers it to him.
  • Experiment with different feeding positions so that your baby does not get bored.
  • Try to move while holding your baby while feeding.
  • Don't just put the feeding bottle inside your baby's mouth, but make his mouth stick to the nipple of the bottle.
  • Wrap the bottle in a small piece of cloth; Because that makes your child feel safe, and reminds him of you while he is eating it in your absence.
  • Taste or smell the milk before you give it to your baby. Because its taste may change over time.
  • Change the feeding bottle if your baby rejects it, and use a new bottle that has attractive colors.