Friday, March 31, 2023

What is the age of pronunciation in the child?

Speech age for a child:

Your child makes sounds from his first day, and it is his means of expressing a range of feelings and physical needs, from fear and hunger to feeling cold or pain. Here, parents learn to listen and interpret the different cries of their children.

Syllables For example, your baby may say "ba-ba" or "da-da" even though he doesn't understand what it means By the end of the 6th or 7th month, babies respond to their own names. Babies already start talking at 12-18 months. Most babies say a few simple words. Like "mama" and "bye bye" By the end of the 12th month they now know what to say. Then at 18 months old the baby starts saying several simple words, can point to people, things and body parts you name and repeats the words or sounds they hear you say.

At the age of two, children string a few words together into short phrases of two to four words, such as “bye mama” or “I want milk.” By the age of three, your child’s vocabulary is rapidly expanding, and the “imagine” game stimulates his understanding of symbolic and abstract language such as “now,” feelings such as “sad” or “happy,” and spatial concepts such as “in and to.”