Friday, March 31, 2023

What is the damage of electronic games on the brain?.. sleep deprivation. Dopamine addiction. repressed feelings

Effects of electronic games on the brain:

Fortunately, the effects of electronic games on the brain do not seem to really exist, and there are currently not enough studies confirming the negative impact of games on the brain, but there are some potential damages related to changing the behavior of the individual and not to the structure of his brain itself, and this includes the following:

sleep deprivation:

Many players stay up for long hours in order to continue playing, and with the repetition of this process, they start to sleep fewer hours or during irregular times.

Dopamine addiction:

The dopamine hormone enhances the feeling of happiness and pleasure, and if games are the main source of pleasure, it may become difficult to enjoy any other different activity as a result of addiction to games for this purpose.

repressed feelings:

Many electronic games contribute to continuous suppression of feelings, which can develop into a condition called Alexithymia, in which the individual is unable to determine his emotional state and inner feelings.