Thursday, March 30, 2023

When does the child begin entering the bathroom?.. At what age can a child clean himself up after using the toilet?

When does the child start going to the bathroom:

Children differ among themselves in the age required to request entry to the bathroom, and the periods in which parents begin to teach their children to request to use the toilet and to clean themselves after entering the bathroom differ.

It is possible that the difference in the periods of the child entering the bathroom extends to health organizations around the world, as training the child begins in the United States between two to three and a half years, or teaching the child the bathroom at the age of 4 years, which is a very late period according to international standards, as some countries begin The other is from the age of one and a half years, but even at the age of three years, for example, most children do not have the motor skills that allow the child to clean himself without help.

At what age can a child clean himself after using the bathroom?

There is no fixed age that you can apply to all children, as it may differ from one child to another, even in the same family, but most studies indicate the need to start teaching the child to use the toilet or potty, and then teach him the methods of cleaning himself after going out at the age between three and four, provided that This happens in the appropriate way, and that the training period is as smooth and gentle as learning any other skill.

It is also preferable to complete it before the child enters school, and this period must be under careful observation and supervision of the parents so that the child can master it completely. Therefore, we will talk about the things that parents should take into account before starting the process of training the child to clean himself after the bathroom:

  • Talk to your child about the reason for wiping - the process of cleaning - and that what you are doing is a good and healthy deed.
  • Set realistic expectations for results and do not compare children in this area, as each child has different motor skills.
  • Expect to take your time, be patient, and stay calm. Nothing gets in the way of mastering a skill more than the stress of a training period.
  • Dirt slipping on a child's underwear is not the end of the world! You can eventually switch it easily, as it is a stage of training.