Friday, March 31, 2023

Why should a child get used to sleeping alone at 6 months old?

Reasons why it is so important for an infant to sleep alone at 6 months of age:

The mother may think that the child’s sleep period may affect the relationship between the mother and the child, and this is not true, as the child’s sleep is important for several reasons, and here is this list that explains the reasons for the importance of the infant sleeping alone at the age of 6 months:

  • The main reason for the baby to sleep near his mother is his frequent need to breastfeed, and at the completion of 6 months, the baby will have started eating solid food and no longer needs evening feeding according to the baby’s health and nutrition advice, and he will be able to sleep continuously throughout the night.
  • The second reason is to accustom the child to not waking up at night for feeding, which he does not need. The child's feeling of being close to the mother will make him cry for breastfeeding, which will be a habit and can be disposed of when he sleeps in a separate room away from the mother.
  • It is imperative for the mother and father to obtain greater privacy in the bedroom, which decreases as the child grows older by virtue of his increased awareness of what is happening around him.
  • The child will learn to be independent when he sleeps on his own and this will support the child's self-confidence.
  • Enhancing children's courage and not being afraid of being alone.