Thursday, April 20, 2023

A perfect bath for your baby: taking care of the intimate areas

Children's bathroom:

Your child soils his diaper many times a day, so changing it is something above necessary and should never be neglected in doing it. This process will be repeated hundreds of times throughout your little one's childhood, which may make you nervous at first. Even if changing the diaper seems very easy to you, there are rules in applying it that you must respect and learn to do by heart, in order to avoid all possible problems and ensure the best change for your child.

Taking care of your baby's intimate areas:

After every change, the child needs you to take care of his personal hygiene perfectly, with great kindness and sophistication! Urine and excrement are very acidic on a baby's sensitive skin and if left for a long time in contact with it, they can cause your baby to become irritated, reddened and can result in the presence of fungus!

Prepare all the tools you need to give your child the best bath before you take off his clothes, as the temperature drops quickly in children of this age. Set aside diapers and slings, bath gloves and a small bowl filled with warm soapy water. If you find red areas on your baby's buttocks, get a soothing ointment from the pharmacy.

After removing your little one's dirty nappy, proceed to the personal hygiene process with care and caution. Start by cleaning the dirt that remained on his skin with a blanget. After that, wear shower gloves and wipe with a towel soaked in warm water on his buttocks and intimate areas, and make sure to clean the folds in it as well. You must make sure that no urine remains between these folds because it can cause irritation and redness. You can put eosin on your child's skin and then let it dry in the open air to treat this redness.

For the boy:

Never attempt to retract the foreskin (the thin, loose, hairless skin rich in muscle fibers covering part of the head of the penis). Wash the penis with a cloth and clean water without using soap.

For the girl:

Always start cleaning from the vulva to the anus, not the other way around! Wipe well with gloves all the folds (those in the thigh, the labia majora and even the minor).