Saturday, April 22, 2023

Adventure world in Dammam.. Various fun games that are suitable for children

Adventure World:

  • It is located on Prince Mansour Street, which is located inside the Prince Muhammad bin Masoud neighborhood.
  • The place is suitable for taking pictures with children and all family members, as it is distinguished by its unique design inspired by safari.
  • The place contains various recreational games that are suitable for children, such as small train cars, as well as a bumper car game, in addition to the swings that young children love.
  • Adventure World includes a hall that contains many video games, as well as a hall for electronic games, and it also contains another hall dedicated to enjoying the game of bowling.
  • What distinguishes the world of adventures most is that the prices of the games in it are relatively low, as the price of the game starts from three Saudi riyals.
  • The place has a group of cafes and restaurants where you can spend time without feeling bored, as these restaurants offer a lot of different foods, and they are also distinguished by their elegant d├ęcor suitable for taking the most beautiful pictures in it with your loved one.