Saturday, April 1, 2023

baby games.. Baby toys from 7 to 12 months. one year old. two-year-olds

baby toys:

If you think babies only eat and sleep, you are wrong!

Here are some examples of baby toys:
  • Colorful rattles.
  • Big rings and biting toys.
  • soft dolls.
  • textured balls.
  • Soft cloth and sponge books for babies.
  • In addition to songs and music.
  • Pictures of faces and do not forget the unbreakable mirrors.

Baby toys from 7 to 12 months:

Older babies move more, understand their own names and other common words, and can recognize body parts.

  • Here are some examples:
  • Baby dolls.
  • Wheeled plastic and wooden vehicles.
  • water games.
  • Entry and exit toys: plastic bowls, large beads, balls and nesting toys.
  • Building toys: large soft blocks and wooden blocks.
  • Push and pull games: They require muscle strength and effort commensurate with the age of your little one, and low and soft things to crawl on.

Games for one year old children:

At this age your little one may be starting their journey of walking steadily and even climbing stairs. They enjoy stories and saying their first words.

Examples of games for one year olds:
  • Books with simple illustrations or pictures of real things.
  • Recordings with songs and rhymes.
  • Draw with non-toxic washable crayons and large paper to avoid staining the tiles and tables!
  • Toy phones, dolls, doll beds, and strollers.
  • Clothing accessories (scarves, purses).
  • plastic animals.
  • Plastic and wood "realistic" vehicles.
  • Big and small puzzles and balls.

Games for two-year-olds:

Young children learn language quickly and do a lot of physical testing.

  • Examples of games for two-year-olds:
  • Wooden and jigsaw puzzles (from 4 to 12 pieces).
  • Classification games: (according to size, shape, color and smell).
  • Buttons, buckles and zippers.
  • Pretend and build toys: such as blocks, transport toys, building sets, kid-sized furniture (kitchen sets, chairs, play food), dress-up, dolls with accessories, and sand and water toys.
  • Non-toxic washable crayons, large paintbrushes and finger paints, large drawing paper, toddler scissors with blunt tips, large blackboard and chalk, and percussion instruments.
  • Picture books with detail.
  • Variety of music.
  • You should also train your little one's muscles and encourage him to use his large and small muscles: toys with big and small balls for kicking and throwing, riding gear (but maybe not tricycles until children are 3 years old), tunnels and garden toys.