Thursday, April 20, 2023

Baby games from two months to six months

The importance of games for children:

Games are important in a child's life from the first days of his life until the end of his childhood. They are necessary for his intellectual development and also play an important role in his awakening and the development of his physical and mental abilities. It is very important that the games are suitable for the age of the child, so make sure to provide different games for your little one at each specific age, so that each game improves the skills he acquires at that age and also develops his senses.

What toys do you choose for your baby from two months to six months?

  • By 4 months, you won't notice much interest from your little one in toys. He is still too young to comprehend the games, but only during these months colors, shapes, movements and sounds interest him. So try to provide him with an environment that motivates him to integrate, sing hymns to him and memorize some cradle songs that will make you happy and happy with your little one, as well as that special relationship full of tenderness and attachment between a mother and her child. After four months, you will notice a difference in your little one's behavior! He starts using his little hands in everything, trying to grab things, clapping... He also shows great ingenuity in absorbing everything around him, all his surroundings will arouse his interest, and you will notice that he wants to discover everything that falls in his sight! He wants to touch and hold everything he notices his presence. Rattles, teething rings (there are different colors and shapes), rubber toys and plastic animals, especially those with singing or speaking sounds, are very effective in developing children's concepts and are definitely recommended.
  • Passing from the fourth to the fifth month is considered the stage of awakening for your child, and it is one of the happiest stages in your child's life. It is a new, colorful, developed stage for him, well-equipped, providing him with all kinds of activities and contributing to the development of his senses: touch, hearing. And sight! And there are people all over the world who are keen to provide all activities and games with different models and styles that will help your child to pass this stage in the best possible way, so do not worry about anything, you will find everything that satisfies your child and guarantees him fun with benefit!

  • Don't forget the bath toys! Animals and colorful rubber toys floating in the bathtub, boats and ships making sounds or playing music, because the child at this early age does not understand the importance of bathing and may be disturbed by the water or the bath soap, but with these toys your child will wait impatiently for the bath! Games will make it fun and entertaining for your child.

  • We can say that the child's closest link to this world is his parents, and therefore it is a very important and necessary thing for the child, and even for the parents, to enjoy enough time with their son, and this time will stimulate him intellectually! Do not leave your little one to play alone, play and interact with him, name him toys, animals, imitate them, make strange and funny sounds, you will send joy, pleasure and contentment to your little one's heart, and you will attract his attention with all your movements.

  • Be careful not to shake the child for entertainment, and avoid throwing him in the air, even if he expresses his joy in doing so! You may risk serious neurological damage to it. For more information, read our article on shaken baby syndrome.

  • Be very careful in choosing toys for your child, by buying small ones, you risk the possibility that your child will swallow them, which will undoubtedly suffocate him. Ask the doctor, toy stores, or read about the ones you can bring to your child to get rid of all doubts and guarantee your little one the best fun without any risks.