Sunday, April 30, 2023

Baby hair types.. Straight hair. Wavy hair. curly hair. Severely curly or coily hair

Baby hair types:

It is important, before choosing a shampoo for your child, to have an understanding of the nature of the child's hair, because this will help you a lot in choosing products that are perfectly suitable for the child.

Differences in children's hair:

There are many differences in children's hair, as we find:
  • Straight hair, which is soft and easy to style.
  • Wavy hair, which is represented by the presence of natural wavy movements in the hair.
  • Curly hair, which appears as hair with many curves.
  • Extremely curly or coily hair.

Choosing the right type of shampoo:

The production of the oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands in the scalp, called sebum, also affects the nature of your child’s hair and then your choice of the appropriate type of shampoo that keeps the scalp healthy and balanced. To find out, wash your child’s hair with a suitable shampoo and wait one day. Then watch the scalp where you will notice:

Scalp types:

Oily scalp indicating active sebum secretion.
A normal scalp is evidence of a balanced sebum production.
The presence of dandruff is evidence of a lack of sebum secretion, as the hair is dry.