Sunday, April 30, 2023

Beware of the dangers of infant sleeping on a pillow before the age of two years

baby sleeping on a pillow:

Your child is a part of you, and from the first moments of his life, you always try to provide him with comfort. When you bring him home for the first time, you find yourself observing him without realizing it, even while he is sleeping, especially since he sleeps for long periods in the first months of his life, so you try to place him in a safe and comfortable way, but you may make the mistake of placing a pillow under his head; Believing it will give him more comfort.

However, contrary to what you might think, pillows do not provide comfort for babies and newborns. Indeed, experts have confirmed that sleeping on it may endanger their lives if this is done under the age of two. But you may be wondering why the infant is not allowed to sleep on the pillow? And what harm might happen to him if he used it?

Damages of using the pillow and how dangerous it is for your child:


Contrary to what mothers believe that resting the head on a pillow can help the child fall asleep, the fact is that the child's head sinking into a soft pillow hinders his movement and prevents him from moving his head in a comfortable way, and the pressure of the head causes a restriction of air flow when the child's head moves Which could cause him to choke.

Sudden death syndrome:

Although pillows are sold in all their forms as part of baby supplies, the infant sleeping on soft pillows is one of the factors that increase the possibility of sudden infant death, as the pillow can accidentally slip from under the baby's head and lead to difficulty in breathing and suffocation.

Neck sprain:

Pillows may cause a child's neck to twist if he sleeps for long hours on them in the same position. Especially since most of the pillows available in the baby supplies markets do not comply with the approved safety and security standards. Therefore, you must avoid this matter and not use it before your child reaches two years of age so that he can turn over during sleep to the position that comforts him.

Flat head syndrome:

It is a condition in which an area of the infant's head appears flat. This flat area is usually clear and can be observed accurately when looking at the child from above. This condition may affect your infant when he sleeps for long hours leaning on a soft pillow, which may cause him structural deformities in the structure of his head as a result of the constant pressure on him.


Most pillow covers are made of materials that can raise the temperature under a baby's head, overheating the baby's head and causing excessive sweating and a dangerously high body temperature.

Therefore, just put your child in his bed next to you to sleep without any pillows or toys that may threaten his safety at this young age, until he is able to control his way of sleeping and can move in a bed or room on his own and take the position that comforts him.