Sunday, April 30, 2023

Boys' hair cutting.. Old, never-ending fashion for boys. Boys story with side difference. Modern and distinctive cuts

boys haircut:

Children's stories have become very many and varied between the traditional, the modern, and the modern styles, including:

Old stories that never end in fashion for boys:

Boys story with side difference:

It ranges between short and medium, and is often suitable for school, so it does not need care and does not require a long time in styling, but it may not be suitable for curly hair.

Modern and distinctive cuts:

Many designs of modern haircuts may make the mother confused, as it is possible to choose to keep the hair in the middle area long and raised to the top and back, slightly inclined with the expansion of the side parting, and it is possible that the side parting will expand with a bend in the parting from the front towards the middle of the head.

  • There are mothers who choose a haircut for the boy, in which the hair of the bangs and the top of the head is very long, and in this case these haircuts are based on types of fixatives and permanent styling. Although they give beauty and brilliance, they need care and may not be suitable for school times.

  • One of the latest haircuts is that the hair is very long at the front of the head and gradually becomes short towards the back of the head with short hair on the sides, and it is suitable for those with straight and straight hair.