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Breastfeeding feeding techniques.. breastfeed your baby in the most comfortable way for

Breastfeeding feeding techniques:

It is important for every mom to know various breastfeeding positions, ways to support the breast, and breastfeeding techniques.

In this way you can choose the one that best suits her and her child. Mother and child, regardless of the position adopted, should be comfortable and close together.

Possible positions for a mother to satisfy her son:

Next, the techniques that exist to breastfeed your baby in the most comfortable way for you are disclosed:

Seated mother and cradled child, classic:

the child lying in front of the mother at breast height, the child's abdomen should be in front of the mother's, her arm supports the child's body and head, with the hand in the shape of a "C" the mother offers the breast, with the nipple stimulates the child's lower lip to open his mouth, in such a way that the nipple and areola remain inside the child's mouth.

Reverse position:

The mother sitting and the child lying on a cushion to raise it to the level of the breasts. With the free hand the mother offers the breast, with the other on the palm she supports the child's head.

Position of the child with the mother lying down:

mother and child lying face to face, the child's face facing the chest and abdomen, close to the mother's body, who must support her head on a pillow and the child leans on the lower arm of this, the mother with the free hand should direct the chest towards the child's mouth.

Position mother lying on her back and the child on her in ventral decubitus:

The mother lying on her back and the child lying on her in ventral decubitus, the mother supports the child's forehead with her hand and in this way the child takes the nipple and the areola to start the suction.

This position is recommended for mothers who have an excessive ejection reflex, in this position the flow of milk loses strength and the baby can suck and swallow more comfortably.

It is a transitory position while the mother finds another more comfortable position.

Piggyback position:

The mother is seated and the child faces the chest sitting on her leg, the mother supports the child with the arm on the same side as the child, the hand in the shape of a “C” and the middle and middle fingers. thumb behind the ears, with the free hand offers the chest.