Saturday, April 29, 2023

Causes and symptoms of numbness in children and adults, and treatment steps followed by doctors

Numbness in children:

In the case of sitting for a long time, an adult or a child may feel numbness in the extremities, but with a change in the position of the body, and after a few minutes this sensation will disappear, but in some cases the feeling of anesthesia or numbness in the extremities may continue, and this requires a visit to a doctor, in order to undergo examinations necessary and appropriate treatment.

Numbness in children and adults and its causes:

Doctors explained that numbness is a defect in the sensation in the skin. This feeling is accompanied by a sense of tingling and lethargy in the extremities. A person may feel numbness for the following reasons:

  • Sitting in the wrong position for a long time, and after changing the position of the body and waiting for several minutes, the body returns to normal, and this is not a satisfactory condition.
  • A nerve disorder, or even a neck disorder, causes a sense of numbness in the extremities.
  • In the case of a lower body injury, this results in numbness in the lower back and feet.
  • The cause may also be due to pressure in the nerves, as a result of a tumor or aneurysm, as well as infection.
  • Numbness may be an indication of a deficiency in calcium levels in potassium as well as a deficiency in the rate of sodium in the body, and this is often the result of the appearance of numbness, especially in children.
  • The use of some medicines that carry side effects, which may include a feeling of numbness.
  • Lack of ischemia in certain areas of the body, including atherosclerosis or inflammation of the blood vessels.
  • The feeling of numbness may be due to chemical drugs or exposure to radiation therapy, as well as alcohol and smoking.
  • Different animal bites, cause a sense of numbness.
  • Numbness in children may be due to seafood poisoning.
  • Diabetic carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency, because it is one of the most important vitamins that harm and cause nerve dysfunction.
  • Migraine or migraine headaches.
  • Stroke, as well as multiple sclerosis, are among the causes that result in numbness or anesthesia.

Serious symptoms associated with numbness that require a visit to a doctor:

There are some symptoms, as soon as they appear, you must visit a doctor immediately, and they may require careful medical attention:

  • Sudden numbness without any reasons.
  • Head injury with a feeling of numbness in a part or in the whole body.
  • Double sense of paralysis or weakness in limb control.
  • Numbness in children accompanied by severe and severe headache.
  • Loss of consciousness for a short or long time, and this sensation is accompanied by numbness in the extremities.
  • Visit the doctor in case of numbness and difficulty speaking or comprehending.
  • Sudden darkening, or a change in vision with numbness.
  • Complete weakness or difficulty walking and numbness in the lower extremities of the body such as the feet and thigh.

Numbness treatment steps followed by doctors:

  • Treatment of numbness in the extremities depends mainly on proper diagnosis by a specialist.
  • Treating the same disease that results in numbness works to hide the same symptom that a person feels.
  • In the case of foliating diseases such as peripheral neuropathy, there is no treatment currently available.
  • As for the incidence of neuropathies without a medical history, treatment is available for this condition, such as that caused by diabetes.
  • Monitor the level of missing vitamins in the body, and take them as tablets or nutritional supplements, under the advice of a doctor.