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Causes and symptoms of tooth decay in children.. Poor dental hygiene. milk bottle. poor nutrition

Tooth decay in children:

Tooth decay is a common problem in children, and it is caused by bacteria that, when mixed with sugar in foods, create acid that erodes the tooth, and if left untreated causes many problems, so it is important to know the causes and symptoms of tooth decay in children.

Symptoms of tooth decay:

In children, tooth decay refers to a permanently damaged area on the surface of a tooth. Since some cavities are undetectable without showing any symptoms, it is essential to schedule regular dentist visits, where the dentist can identify and treat tooth decay early to stop further decay.

The problem of tooth decay occurs in infants and young children as well as adults, and the symptoms of tooth decay in children are usually the same as those in adults, but they may also include swollen gums, irritability, and fever, which indicates the presence of infection.

If your child seems nervous and unable to articulate the location of pain or discomfort, check his or her mouth for signs of a problem.

An untreated cavity can become larger and gradually affect the deeper layers of the tooth along with a hole.
Symptoms of general dental caries in children or adults include:
  • Toothache.
  • Sensitivity to heat or cold.
  • Brown, black or white spots on the tooth.
  • Bad breath.

Causes of tooth decay in children:

There is no single cause of tooth decay, but rather a range of possible causes. Understanding the factors that cause tooth decay in children can help you prevent dental problems in the future:

Poor dental hygiene:

It is necessary to clean the teeth to maintain the strength and health of the teeth and prevent decay, which is one of the most important consequences of not maintaining dental hygiene.

Baby milk bottle:

Tooth decay can occur at an early age if your child falls asleep with a bottle of milk or juice in their mouth, or if you cover your child's pacifier with sugar or honey, either way the sugar can collect around the teeth and lead to tooth decay.

Poor nutrition:

Eating a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates can also contribute to tooth decay, because these foods cling to the teeth.