Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Causes and treatment of diarrhea in the infant

Diarrhea in children:

Acute diarrhea is a very common problem in children, but that doesn't mean it should be underestimated. It actually causes severe dehydration which can be very dangerous.

And diarrhea in children can occur on its own or be accompanied by several disorders (bloating, vomiting or even stomach pain).

Causes of infant diarrhea:

It is often associated with gastroenteritis and can also be a symptom of other diseases (such as bronchitis or otitis media) but the causes can be many (bad dose bottles, teething, food allergies ...).

If the infant is breastfed, the mother does not need to stop breastfeeding.
If he is bottle-fed (infant formula) given as a first solution, the child must be given his usual diet so as not to prolong the hunger for too long. This is a simple solution that will make it possible to reduce the duration of diarrhea and above all you will limit its recurrence.
If signs such as:
  • state of shock.
  • Refusal to eat or drink.
  • Rapid breathing.
  • vomiting.
  • blood in the stool.
  • weight loss of more than 5%.

Urgent consultation is necessary as these are signs of dehydration. In all cases it is necessary to respond from the onset of diarrhea.

What drug treatments for diarrhea?

Usually, rapid rehydration with fluids and resumption of feeding should help with acute diarrhoea:
  • Watch the child until the diarrhea ends
  • Throughout the period of diarrhea, in order to avoid complications, remember to monitor the growth of the child.
  • Take his temperature
  • Count the number of stools and vomit

Medicines should be given in addition to rehydration techniques. Be careful, there is no question of giving him any of the medicines you use!