Thursday, April 20, 2023

Causes of bedwetting in children.. Urinary tract infection. Intestinal worms. Disabilities and deformities of the spine. Genetic factors

Bedwetting in children:

Bedwetting is one of the disorders that is very common among children over the age of four, and it is a condition in which the child loses the ability to control the bladder, and thus urine flows involuntarily day and night, or one of the two times, and bedwetting is divided into two parts, which are primary urination and in this In this case, the child loses his ability to control his urination until a later age, and secondary urination. In this case, the child returns to urinate on his own after he managed to control his bladder for a period of not less than a year. It should be noted that involuntary urination is accompanied by involuntary defecation in some cases, and urination may be behind Reflexes have many causes.

Causes of bedwetting:

The causes of involuntary urination are divided into two parts, which are psychological and physical causes:

Physical causes:

Urinary tract infection in a child. Diabetes. Inflammation of the intestine accompanied by constipation. Dyspepsia. Intestinal worms. Diseases resulting from severe anemia. Exhaustion and general fatigue. The child suffers from some physical disabilities, especially disabilities and deformities in the spine. Genetic factors.

psychological reasons:

  • Parents' failure and neglect to train the child to control himself and urinate in the bathroom, and the bad relationship between the child and his parents is one of the obstacles to training the child to control his bladder.

  • Exposure of the child to psychological and physical violence, as a method of parenting when the child commits a shameful act. The child's loss of a sense of security resulting from family disintegration, intense quarrels between parents, and the occurrence of divorce in the family as well.

  • Dealing with the child in a harsh and violent manner, and following the method of deprivation with him in order to teach him to use the toilet, and also train him to remove the diaper, and excessively pampering the child, and forgiving him and neglecting him greatly when he urinates on himself reinforces this behavior in him, and implants in him his conviction that this behavior It is normal and correct, which leads him to persist in this behavior.

  • Feelings of jealousy that break into the heart of the child, as a result of the arrival of a child to the house, or feelings of jealousy generated in the academic competition.

  • Discrimination in the way of dealing with brothers, as the child feels that one of his brothers takes more attention than him, and these feelings push the child to do actions that draw the attention of his parents to him and to pay more attention to him, and among these actions is urination.

  • The fear generated by a child of some things, such as some types of animals or the dark, or of terrifying imaginary characters such as the father of a skinned man, or the child watching a scary clip before going to sleep.