Saturday, April 29, 2023

Causes of influenza infection in children.. Germs and viruses

Causes of influenza infection in children:

  • Viruses, especially those that cause influenza, have the ability to transmit from body to body through air droplets, and this droplet can be transmitted from the infected person through coughing or vice versa, speaking or breathing, and thus the virus is transmitted through the air to a healthy person.
  • Germs and viruses that are the main cause of influenza infection can stick to anything that is frequently used by people, such as phones, doors, bathrooms, or computers. It can enter the body through the eyes, mouth, or nose.
  • The infected person is considered the first cause of transmission from the moment symptoms appear on him, and up to five days he becomes a carrier of the disease, and doctors have warned that children or adults who have influenza and those with general weakness or a defect in the immune system are carriers of infection for a period exceeding four days.
  • The viruses that cause influenza evolve continuously and very regularly, and they also change constantly, because when a person gets infected with a certain type of influenza and has recovered from it completely, then the body has already made the appropriate antibodies that can eliminate it.
  • It is worth noting that the antibodies already formed by the body do not have sufficient ability to fight the new strains of the influenza virus, whose severity varies according to the state of immunity.