Sunday, April 9, 2023

Causes of introversion and shyness in the child

Children's behavior:

The behavior of children differs, including those that are characterized by introversion and shyness, and those that are violent and aggressive, and this behavior is usually related to the environment in which the child grows up.

It is necessary for an individual's socialization to be balanced, given that it determines the individual's tendencies and interests, and contributes to the formation of his personality and the formation of his character and reactions in the future. As the ancients said, “Education at a young age is like engraving on a stone,” and what a young person is taught in terms of education and upbringing, and what he observes within his family or school framework, or what he watches on television or what he hears on radios during childhood and adolescence, remains stored in the individual’s subconscious and shapes his future personality.

Moderation in Socialization:

Balance in social upbringing means moderation, and trying to find an equation in the formation of the individual, so that he does not grow up shy and introverted with a tendency to isolation, which generates in him a fear of confronting the other and a vibration in his self-confidence, and care must be taken not to develop the violent side in him and try to curb impulsiveness and pent-up violence within him .

Domestic violence:

Socialization is a social learning process represented in training the child to enter and integrate into society, trying to provide him with the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out his social roles in the future, and enabling him with the tools of communication and interaction with others in a useful and constructive way. Verbal or physical family violence contributes to the formation of a shaky personality, either inclined to violence and inclination to emotional and sharp reactions, or to isolation and introversion, both of which indicate psychological and behavioral problems and problems with the social integration of the individual.