Sunday, April 30, 2023

Causes of obesity in young children and appropriate solutions

Obesity in young children and appropriate solutions:

Obesity determines a number of criteria related to height, weight and age. Child obesity rates have doubled in the world and reached a rate of 10 percent. It has also moderated in the last ten years in both Europe and America, but in developing countries there is a noticeable increase in children due to the lack of awareness and the quality of life they live.

the reasons:

Parents must be aware and monitor the way the child eats and give him an example of balanced eating. The problem is related to the quality of the culture and the family environment. Obesity is due to some genetic causes and imbalance.

Eating that contains sugars and fats is the most prominent problem, in addition to lack of movement and poor exercise of activities, especially in cities. And the pressure experienced by parents.

Obesity eating habits:

Statistics indicate that out of 100 cases in children, only one child suffers from a chronic disease due to obesity. And it can be discovered quickly by parents because it is one of its signs of lack of growth. Also, 99 percent of obese children have a genetic predisposition to gain weight due to:

Family eating habits:

Including (the availability of all kinds of food at home in large quantities and the child’s voracious appetite for it). This causes an increase in the amount of energy that does not correspond to its burning rates due to the lack of movement, which contributes to the accumulation of fat in the body and thus the increase in obesity rates.

lack of movement:

Due to not playing and moving as it should. And only watching television or a mobile phone and eating, which spoils the relationship between the child and food, as the child does not learn to taste foods and types of food, because the organ responsible for tasting develops gradually, so the child’s ability to taste does not grow in this way.

A number of statistics indicate that about 60 percent of children who were suffering from obesity in the early years of their lives, will stick to it throughout their lives.

How can the child's nutritional habits be regulated?

  • The child loves colors and easy-to-digest food, such as pastries, because it provides them with energy and does not exhaust them when eating.
  • Parents must regulate the child's eating habits to get rid of 50 percent of the nutritional problems he suffers from, the most important of which is obesity.
  • At the age of 3 and 6 years is the age of refusal for the child, so it is necessary in this period to encourage as much as possible because it is the age of pleasure, tasting and getting to know food.
  • The child must be involved in cooking and purchasing food supplies for the home.

Psychological causes of obesity:

Going through psychological crises in the study
Jealousy of the new brother and the desire to draw attention in an unconscious way by consuming more energy (eating sugar).

Effects of obesity on child health:

Long-term obesity can cause many diseases at the level of the joints, the heart, the arteries, the digestive system, and the reproductive system. We must pay attention, organize the time, and search for a new lifestyle to fix the problems of obesity and the child's nutritional behavior.


Every child complains of a specific condition, and the causes must be searched for and treated from the outset to avoid aggravation and development. And the reasons may be dietary habits, psychological state, or the quality of eating. Therefore, it is necessary to establish good and balanced eating habits and to allocate time for sports activities and play.